Not going to describe myself a lot, I'm a programmer, I play a lot of video games, I like to watch anime don't get me wrong I'm not an ecchi fan.. yeah that's me right there, call me Nox.

Having 2 cats it’s one hell of a shitstorm when they’re both at it, pretty accurate post

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  • Question: Hey I like your builds and just started a server that will be public. I need builders. Would you be interested? - thanatisbuilds
  • Answer:

    I would love to but sadly I have no such time to invest recently, I’m busy with classes. Also sorry for the late answer, I hope you found some great people to do it.

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I have people that just sit at the bus station the whole time while like almost everyone else wait standing and then when the bus come and this person just go right in front of the line like nothing happened and even worst there were an old person in the line which I totally let go in before me even if I was in front of him in the line on top of that when I finally sit the guy totally have that look when he just look around saying “I’m totally better than everyone” one day I have to be like “hey get the hell behind the line I don’t give a crap how long you were sitting there but while everyone was freeze out there standing by the road you were sitting on a nice spot safe from this holy fucking cold wind so get your ass behind the god damn line and get some respect for people you’re no better than anyone.

I also really really hate how sometimes some idiots think they know every single things about a subject even when you state obvious fact and he’s like hey this is your opinion you say this is better because you prefer it the whole time when if you look at it there are facts on the god damn internet the whole time, please open you mind and stop being like that It only makes you look like a total jerk I simply hate jerks.

Also when the will people learn to Google things and look on a wiki before asking random stupid questions in a game, seriously come on you can learn a whole god damn game in 15 mins if you look it up why do have to ask something that you can find in 5 mins stop being a lazy fucker and don’t say something like “but it’s faster to ask here and I’m sure to have a better answer” the answer is no, you can be trolled and think that if a retarded player like you have this question it’s almost 100% sure that someone else had the same freaking question before you, you’re nothing that special there are others around you realize it geez. If the game is totally new and/or it’s in beta or whatever great unless it’s a major problem for a lot of persons it’s fine to ask because it may not have been asked many times on forums and stuffs but otherwise get your ass to work and alt-tab your game 2 mins and Google the fuck out of it instead of poluting a chat.

I complain a lot about a lot of things because I’m a person who hate idiots, if you want to learn things and it’s your first time on something I can understand but please don’t be retarded. The new generation in a lot of countries are kind of a bunch of stupid brats I don’t remember my generation being that stupid and spoiled, fine we did stupid things but I never did something that would personally hurt someone or that could have major consequences, I have yet to understand why our society is being so dumb the past few years but hey people show your will to be someone good and important, aim for something awesome you’ll like doing, don’t go for money all the way it’s important to have a good salary but more important to have something you like doing. Don’t degrade yourself because unless you’re physically disabled and can’t do shit about your body if you have the will to change then go ahead full speed I encourage it, but if you don’t, anyways I could talk like that for hours I appreciate everyone around me that won’t like a jerk. Also play video games with good stories and maybe if you like it look at anime series you can learn a lot about life even if it’s not real it help you recall what’s important. Overall have a good day and be nice to people even if they may look suspicious you could be the one making the day of someone else better than ever just with a simple random action.


! I have sauce.

Watch for the hands they may come for you.

To anyone who ever saw a gif from that even if never saw this marvelous piece of glorious art, go watch it please go for your own sake, it’s 27 mins of pure gold, it’s one of most ridiculous thing I ever saw and I’m proud.

"It is a known fact that gods of programming exist, and you have to worship them in the form of yelling, cursing and drinking a lot of coffee"

  • Question: What resource pack do you use on the minecraft? - lahtias
  • Answer:

    It’s currently Ovo’s Rustic Pack: Redemption modified to work with my shader.

It’s the best opening song I know so far, I can’t stop listening to it!


Hello sir, glad to see you again!

Alright let’s open your recent project.

Wait first I need to finish a task running in background.

Alright it’s somehow working again.

Wow calm down sir don’t open an SQL table I can’t handle this shit!

Ok so now I need to restart because I almost crashed.

Alright now do-!

Oh, oh you did again, I must restart again.

Alright I’m fine I guess, but don’t to-

No don’t open your recent project! GOOD now I stopped working.

Sir, would you like me to contact Microsoft for some assistance or you can also send them a report.

Good fucking day to you too Microsoft!